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Spread Awareness

How To Help

Join us in our global FND movement!

1. Spread Awareness

Share the Awareness Day Flyer

World FND Week Awareness Flyer

Help others become #FNDaware by printing or emailing the Awareness Day flyer and sharing it with healthcare professionals and/or the public. Then, don’t forget to share your experience on social media using #FNDaware!


Become an FND Hope Warrior!

  • Spread awareness about FND and FND Hope
  • Appear in FND Hope Social Media, Video’s, Marketing, and Website
  • Connect with fellow warriors for awareness brainstorming sessions
  • Impact FND Awareness Worldwide!



2. Share your story

Contact the Media

  • Tips on getting your story published:
    • Decide which section of the newspaper would be most interested in your story. Most media forms have a health section or think how your story relates to other sections.
    • Become familiar with the type of stories the news source typically reports on. Are you a good fit for their agenda?
    • Be factual. If you are not sure your information is accurate or if it is an opinion, then, present it as such.
    • Be prepared with your info and any info you want to provide (FND Hope Media Kit, Press Release).
    • Brevity is key. Short compelling stories gain the most attraction. Don’t get caught up in the details.
    • Provide a photo or prepare to be photographed.
  • Writing Your information:

    Your Name: Address: Contact details: Answer the following questions:

    • What were you and your life like before developing FND symptoms? (30 words or less)

    • When did your functional symptoms start? (20 words or less) How long did it take to be diagnosed? (25 words or less)

    • What are your symptoms? (You can group symptoms together i.e. involuntary movements, cognitive impairment, mobility)

    • How has FND impacted your life and those around you? (50 words or less)

    • What do you want others to know or understand about FND? (50 words or less)

    • Why is awareness for FND important to you? (25 words or less)

  • FND Press Kit:

    Media Kit US

    Media Kit A4

    Press Releases

    US | UK |AU

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Publish it at the Mighty

3. Fundraising for Hope

Join Us and Lets Get Roll'n

Hold an FND Event

  • FND Event

    Hold your own event

    1. Decide what type of event you want to do (Need some ideas?)
    2. Fill out the event form
    3. Share your event on social media using #LetsTalkFND

Help us continue to provide FND resources such as:


FND Scientific Registry for Medical Research

Webinars with FND Specialists and more!

Make A Donation


  • T-Shirts/ Sweatshirt-Hoodie/ Mugs
    T-Shirts/ Sweatshirt-Hoodie/ Mugs


    (UK ShipS from the UK)

    (Note: other items may be available at a later date)

Don’t forget to share on social media and include #FNDaware

Post on Social Media

You can help us double awareness by posting on social media!

  1. Create your own posts on social media about FND by sharing your FND Pledge or creating your own meme, thoughts, poem, art, video about FND.
  2. Follow others on social media advocating for FND and share or retweet their posts about FND.

Don’t have an account? Create one! Then, follow FND Hope/FND Hope UK/ FND Hope Netherland and simply click the share/retweet button.

Don’t forget to include #FNDaware.

Spread Awareness

FND Webinar Schedule

FND Awareness Event

FND Facts to share

Join us and others from around the world and lets help others become #FNDaware!

World FND Week Awareness Supporters

FND Hope International would like to thank the following organizations and support groups for their help in raising FND awareness. Please contact us if you would like to support FND awareness.

We invite not only those who battle functional symptoms but their family, friends, co-workers, and communities to unite together to support FND awareness. We encourage everyone to get involved and become an FND Hope Warrior. It is time we put a face to functional illness and lives impacted by its symptoms. Together we will make the world #FNDaware!

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