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FND Hope Warrior

How To Help


Are you ready to be actively involved in spreading awareness about FND? 

Become an FND Hope Warrior and lend not only a voice but face to this rarely known illness.  Start being SEEN!  Show the world we are united as one fighting for FND. 

You, as an FND Hope Warrior, will appear in FND Hope social media, videos, marketing, and possibly the FND Hope website! 

Warriors will also have access to a private FND Hope Warriors Closed Facebook page to chat, brainstorm crazy fun ideas, and connect with fellow Warriors.  We'll do little projects and most importantly, as FND Hope Warriors, you will have the chance to make a huge impact on FND Awareness worldwide! (This page will carry the same Page rules as all of FND Hope Closed Groups to protect members).

Let's Get Started!
How to get started as a warrior: 

1. Fill in the form below. 
2. Submit a photo of yourself to 

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms of the photo and story release which you can read here. 

Become an FND Hope Warrior
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Please share your story of FND below in 100 words or less to fit on social media templates.
Do you have a blog, YouTube page, or other social media account where you share your FND story? If so, please share the links for those here, if you wish.
How did you hear about the FND Warrior program?
Please confirm with all those in your photo that they approve you release their image in your photo
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