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Supporting Those with FND

Managing FND


Seven years ago, I couldn’t leave my house without having horrible seizures. Four years ago, I didn’t dare leave my house alone…even for a walk around the block. Three years ago, I couldn’t safely go anywhere in public by myself. Two years ago, I drove myself to Arizona, camped in the forest and hiked mountains. It has been up and down since then. I am thankful for every period of time I’m able to do more and I know better times will come when my body is giving me fits. For those of you who ask if it can get better…it most definitely can. For those of you who are distraught because of a backslide…keep your chin up.

Try to have an open honest relationship with your medical team, and if you feel they aren’t listening or taking you seriously, find another doctor who will. Never forget you are your best advocate.  -Maria

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