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Researcher Information

Research Collaboration Application


Advancing research for the prevention, treatment and recovery of FND is a pillar of FND Hope's mission.  We welcome various research collaborations to advance understanding in the field.  More detailed information can be found on the Information for Researchers page

To submit a research collaboration for consideration, please fill out the following application:   

First Name
Last Name

Address Line 1
Postal Code
+ Country Code
Phone Number
ext Extension
This can be your personal profile or a link to your research study, as relevant.
Note that the url must start with http:// or https://, or you won't be able to submit the form.

Select the type of collaboration with FND Hope you seek.
This can be a summary of your planned research. More details may be submitted via attached documents from ethical review board approvals.
Has your proposed study been approved by an institutional ethics review committee?
If not, please describe your plans for obtaining such an approval.
Explain how the information to be generated by your research will improve the lives of people with FND.
Tell us about the potential impact of your study. What important questions will your study help to answer? What important problems will your study help to solve?
If you will also recruit participants by any other means, please list other recruitment means.
Do you have a date by which you plan to close recruitment or a date by which you need input?
Have you obtained full financial support for your study? Please provide details, including funding source. If funding support has not been obtained, please explain.
Registry Awareness
How did you hear about the FND Scientific Registry?
Should the collaboration be approved and finalized, is it ok for FND Hope to publicly share the collaboration?
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