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Sensory Changes


Sensory Disturbances

FND patients often experience one form or another of sensory related symptoms. The body can either respond with heightened or dulled senses. Hearing and visual impairments can trigger physical balance or movement symptoms.

Sight: Visual Changes

Sound: Audio symptoms can be anything from ringing in your ears (not always a functional symptom) to heightened startle response to sound. The family dog may bark triggering a non-epileptic seizure, paralysis, or other movements.

Touch: Chronic Pain

Taste: Food preferences can change due to taste as well as sensitivity to food textures and heightened gag reflexes.

Smell: Not as common as other sensory symptoms patients do report certain odors triggering symptoms or a lack of smell.


Electric Sensation is a symptom that is difficult to describe but is very common.  Many have given it various names such as vibration feeling like tuning forks,creepy-crawling, zinging, or most common is an electric current.  It is felt all over the body and/or only specific parts of the body such as the head, arm(s), etc.  It can be felt also in varying degrees.  Some have a mild version and find it annoying, but not painful. In some cases, the sensation is felt so intensely it has been described as feeling electrocuted. This sensation is also often referred to as Restless Leg throughout the entire body and some do find relief from medications typically used for Restless Leg.

*Any new symptom should be discussed with your treating physician.

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