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    We advocate for those diagnosed with FND

FND Hope advocates for the men, women, and children who have had their lives altered by physical and often debilitating symptoms. Patients often diagnosed and sent home with little to no information and the reassurance that symptoms will go away on their own.

Illness has no boundaries. Functional Neurological Disorder does not care about your gender, ethnicity, age, education level or wealth. When we collaborate together, we become a force for change; creating more opportunities to utilize information and resources. FND Hope and the Genetic Alliance have teamed up together to strengthen the voices of those affected by FND. The FND Scientific Registry allows patients and researchers to work together.

We at FND Hope thank each and everyone that is working toward this common goal.


Our first Awareness campaign in 2013 consisted of a few people in two countries. Last year our 2019 awareness campaign included participants around the world. 40 warriors shared their stories and the stadium and convention center lit up the Vancouver skies with blue and orange.


Peer to peer support

Our website houses a wealth of FND Health information


Patient Health Information

Advance Research

Research support for medical professionals

Research Registry for patients -In our quest to advance research and combat some of these issues we teamed up with the Genetic Alliance and created the FND Scientific Registry and have collaborated with an international group of researchers to discuss outcome measures.

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