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“To have people who believe and understand you, is the best foundation you can have to rebuild your health.” -FND Warrior

What We Do

Peer to Peer Support

HealthUnlocked and Facebook chat groups are a great way to meet others and discuss FND.  Some groups are open meaning posts will show up on your wall for everyone to see.  Other groups are ‘closed’ meaning nothing will post to your wall, although the group name may appear on your Facebook profile.

We encourage you to see if the support is right for you. We give our members a voice. We lend them our ear. We give everyone a place to call their own and a place to feel secure. We give people the courage to keep going and the strength they need to endure each day.

Most of all, though…

We give people hope!

Facebook Public Pages

Closed Facebook Peer to Peer Support

In-Person Peer Support Groups

We also are starting to organise In-Person Peer Support Groups.

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