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Louyse McConnell-Trevillion

Louyse McConnell-Trevillion

Louyse McConnell-Trevillion, BComm (Hons) (Edinburgh Uni), DipLP,(Edinburgh Uni) PC.dp, Solicitor, Notary Public, lives in Scotland with her husband and two children. “Lou” studied law at Edinburgh University and later worked as a Scottish Government lawyer for 16 years. During that time she provided advice to the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General in their responsibilities under the Scotland Act 1998 and other non-criminal matters. Lou advised on the legality of laws passed by the Scottish Parliament, prepared Opinions for the Lord Advocate in relation to Government and liaised with solicitors from the UK Government Law Officers and the Scottish Parliament. Her main legal specialism is in data protection and freedom of information providing advice on this during her time with the Scottish Government and was responsible for ensuring that data protection was built into the Public Inquiry during its design stage.

Like many others, Lou’s journey to formal diagnosis of FND was a long one.  A decline in health led Lou to leave the Scottish Government and established a Consultancy Business with her husband providing advice on data protection and freedom of information. Lou states, “In her early 20s I would suddenly fall to the ground with no warning. As they were infrequent I paid them little attention.” In 2012 Lou was admitted to hospital as she was completely paralysed and intermittently mute. After being tested for numerous possible conditions she was referred to a specialist Consultant Neurologist and diagnosed with FND.

Lou is quick to say, “My family and I have had to teach ourselves how to deal with my FND and its impact not only on myself but also on them. They give me excellent support. I feel very honoured to be a member of FND Hope UK and will work will all my energy and passion into achieving greater awareness, training and health care for those with FND and their families.”

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