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This morning, Team UK also unveiled its first female captain, RAF veteran Rachel Williamson.
Ms Williamson previously received a rugby injury, which developed into a functional neurological disorder, leaving her unable to use her arm completely.

FND Hope UK is part of the first and only global patient-led charity for people with Functional Neurological Disorder. Originating as a grassroots campaign, it uncovers the hidden world of FND and empowers those affected to live their best possible life.

We wish her and her team every success in the Invictus Games

FND is the most common condition you have never heard of. It is the second most frequent reason for a neurology outpatient appointment and more prevalent than Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. But stigma means people wait years for diagnosis, leading to wasted, expensive medical visits, worsening symptoms and distress.

For further information please visit

In the sixth part of an extended series with interviewer Dr. David Lapides, Dr. Jon Stone discusses how to discuss FND diagnosis with patients in clinic.

In the fifth part of an extended series with interviewer Dr. David Lapides, Dr. Jon Stone discusses differentiating FNDs and malingering symptoms in patients.

Surrey Peer Support Group create 22 Top Tips for newly diagnosed patients

Part 4 of the FND Series with Professor Jon Stone on Neurology Minute discussing the diagnosis of Functional Seizures

FND Hope UK are launching a new Bradford FND Peer Support Group on Friday 25th October, starting at 1pm till 3pm at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Otley Road, Bradford, BD2 4QP

'Its all in your head' Medicines silent epidemic by Matthew J Burke MD

In the third part of an extended series with interviewer Dr. David Lapides, Prof Jon Stone discusses diagnosis of functional movement disorders.

Patients’ perspectives on illness, treatment and self-management in functional neurological disorder: a web-based questionnaire study by Kings College

'I still suffer from seizures weekly' - Woman reveals her painful battle with ME

Dr. Jon Stone discusses the myth that function neurologic disorders are a diagnosis of exclusion in the 2nd of a 13-part series.

This is a survey asking your opinion on whether or not placebo treatments should be used in medicine.
Placebo can be defined in many ways. In this questionnaire the word placebo is used to describe a situation when someone is led to believe that the treatment they are receiving is a standard, active treatment, like a medication pill, although in reality it has nothing active in it. The “placebo effect” is when medical problems get better as a result of taking a placebo treatment. This is a genuine effect and is seen in a wide range of conditions.

This questionnaire is entirely voluntary and anonymous and only takes 10 minutes.
If you agree to take part, please click on the following link:

Dr. Jon Stone discusses who is susceptible to functional neurologic disorders in the first of a 13-part series.

Woman puts her dreams on hold after rare disorder makes her faint 30 times a day

FND Hope UK are launching an FND Peer Support Group in West Lothian on Friday 20th September @ the Lanthan Community Hall.

FND Hope UK Louyse McConnell-Trevillion, from Biggar in Lanarkshire, was thrown off the tram last summer after she tried to use the same travel pass that entitles her to free bus travel throughout Scotland

FND Hope UK is going to Parliament
FND Hope UK is going to Parliament

FND Hope UK is going to Parliament on the 16th October to raise awareness of Functional Neurologiocal Disorder to MP's

A nurse who's FND was triggered by head trauma after falling while getting into the bathtub.

National Neurology Patient Experience Survey: additional communications information for members

Functional Neurological Disorder: an ethical turning point for neuroscience by Professor Mark Edwards

Student who was told by doctors her paralysis was 'all in her head' is now confined to a wheelchair because of 'medically unexplained' condition

Dr Isobel William's study for her PHD '24 Relationship between Interoception and stress in patients with FND'

Dr Isobel Williams says "The aim of my PhD wasn’t so much to determine what causes FND, as it was to find out what kind of emotional difficulties people with FND are likely to experience and therefore how we can help with those symptoms"

New evidence of neurochemical differences that may underlie some functional neurological disorders. @GreenJournal MRS study shows increased glutamate levels in the anterior cingulate cortex in patients with functional movement disorders.

FND Hope UK invited to conference
FND Hope UK invited to conference

FND Hope UK were delighted to be asked to join the Mental Health and Neurosciences Leaders Away Day, held at the Royal College of Psychiatry and co-hosted by the Neurological Alliance.

Lots of speakers and we were asked to co-host a breakout session on FND with Prof Mark Edwards to discuss creating a stepped care pathway, improved triage, improved diagnostic explanation and awareness.

FND Hope UK are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Neuro Convention 2020 to raise awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder.

You can meet us on the 17th & 18th March at the NEC Birmingham.

'Emotional Processing in Functional Neurological Disorder, a review, biopsychosocial model and research agenda.
By Susannah Pick, Laura Goldstein, David Perez & Tim Nicholson

RESEARCH Opportunity at Lancaster University - 'Living with Functional Movement Disorders'

Symptoms need to be: Paralysis, Weakness, Muscle Spasm, dystonia, myoclonus, tremor or gait distubrances. The Interviews can be done via Skype, Zoom or Telephone

Research Opportunity with Kings College on awareness of body, self and environment in functional neurological disorder (FND) / non- epileptic attack disorder (NEAD)

Brilliant video from Jeannette Gelauff & Prof Jon Stone on their follow up paper on large & well characterised motor functional neurological disorder #FND sample showing how diagnosed on basis of positive (unique) clinical features such as Hoover's sign & that misdiagnosis rare

Volunteers Week
Volunteers Week

Today marks the start of Volunteers Week!!!

Volunteers week is a chance to celebrate and say thank you for the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.
It takes place 1-7 June every year and is an opportunity to celebrate volunteering in all its diversity.

Dawn Golder FND Hope UK Executive Director says 'I personally would like to thank all our Volunteers who go above and beyond in supporting FND Hope UK, and our FND community. We could not be where we are today without the dedication and committment our volunteers show. Thank you".

FND Hope UK Renews membership with OCVA
FND Hope UK Renews membership with OCVA

FND Hope UK renews its membership with the OCVA (Oxfordshire Community and Volunteer Action)

OCVA "We are here to help you help others by supporting and empowering volunteers, networks, partnerships and non-profit organisations big and small."

Raising Awareness of Painful Problem
Raising Awareness of Painful Problem

Our very own FND Hope Warrior Sarah Morris raising awareness of FND via her local newspaper 'The Maidenhead Advertiser'

The FND Men - FND Hope group is for Men with FND only, to discuss issues, symptoms, etc which they may not be comfortable to talk about on general FND pages, it is a place for men all over the world to connect mateships, support and encourage each other.

FND Hope UK gets a response to their Petition

Suspected Neurological Conditions NICE Guideline is approved. This guideline covers the initial assessment of symptoms and signs that might indicate a neurological condition. It helps non-specialist healthcare professionals to identify people who should be offered referral for specialist investigation.

In this extended scene, FND Specialists Professor Jon Stone and W. Curt Lafrance Jr. MD discuss the stigma towards FND patients, and how best to treat FND patients moving forward. Produced amd Directed by Clea Martin Vargas who produced Dis-sociated.

STEPS Rehabilitation raises £211 for FND Hope UK
STEPS Rehabilitation raises £211 for FND Hope UK

Steps Rehabilitation based in Sheffield, help treat patient diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder through a multi-disiplinary inpatient setting helped to raise an amazing amount of £211.00 for FND Hope UK. The money was raised by two brave physiotherapists John and Jamie by having their legs waxed and Chloe for organising a quiz.

Thank you to all the staff for helping to raise awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder and raising £211.00.

FND Hope UK Trustee Cindy Smulders is interviewed by Lorraine Kelly.

TBS Boats Bray support FND Hope UK

We did it, 10k signatures

FND Hope UK launches Peer Support Group in Edinburgh

FND Hope UK launches Berkshire Peer Support GRoup

Kings College launches free course for Anxiety, Depression and Physical Health

Neurological Alliance is seeking responses to its third patient experience survey

FND Hope UK launches Government Petition to 'Increase Funding for Multi-disciplinary treatment centres for FND Patients

Alison is 43, and happily married to Richard and they have 3 children; Emily 18, Sam 16 and Joe . Alison is a qualified Primary School Teacher and for the past few years has been the Music Specialist Teacher at a special school...

Our Executive Director Dawn Golder held two fundraising events to raise awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder and £449.23. 

FND Hope UK is excited to announce that they will be furthering their mission to promote awareness, support affected individuals and advance research for the prevention...

Dawn Golder (Executive Director) attended the Banbury Volunteer Fair on Wednesday 14th March with Oxfordshire Volunteers and Volunteer Connect, supported by Cherwell District Council...

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