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FND Hope UK receives charitable status in Scotland

FND Hope UK receives charitable status in Scotland

FND Hope UK is excited to announce that they will be furthering their mission to promote awareness, support affected individuals and advance research for the prevention, treatment and recovery of FND. Individuals living in Scotland diagnosed with FND will for the first time have a registered charity advocating on their behalf. The office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) was satisfied that FND Hope UK met the charity test and we have now been entered into the Scottish Charity Register.  This means FND Hope UK now has charitable status under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

FND Hope UK registered Charity number for Scotland is SC048333 and was registered on 24 April 2018. With the principle contact address as: 21 Chetwode, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 1QN

The Trustees are Dawn Golder, Bridget Mildon, Matt Birtwistle and Louyse McConnell-Trevillion.  “We are all delighted that we are the first charity in the UK to receive charitable status in Scotland, which enables us to fulfil our mission and offer our support to fellow FND sufferers”.

Our Charitable Purposes are:

  • B – The advancement of education
  • D – The advancement of health
  • N – The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or disadvantage.

Our Charitable Objectives

  • Raising awareness and understanding of the general public into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevent, treatment and recovery of FND through social media, charitable events, medical conference and any other educational means such as leaflets and booklets
  • Coordinating a voluntary FND patients register to assist doctors in the advancement of new and ongoing research, prevent, treatment and recovery of FND in partnership with the Genetic Alliance.
  • Working with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide a better understanding of FND, improve medical protocols, and promote ethical standards for FND through personal contact, advocacy and training.

Dr Jon Stone Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Reader in Neurology, Clinical Brain Science says “I am delighted that FND Hope UK has gained charitable status. Functional neurological disorder is a relatively common, disabling but hidden condition leading to problems like paralysis and seizures. Patient run organisations like FND Hope UK are vital for patients, families and clinicians as a source of support and information. I’m excited by the possibilities that can come from patients and health professionals working together to improve care and knowledge about this condition in the U.K

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